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“In this era of mounting complexity... explaining is an enormously valuable skill.”

Nandan Nilekani
President and Founder, Infosys Technologies


Clients come to Barbara VanLandingham Pettway to discover how to relate better to audiences. She coaches them on how to communicate powerfully and effectively in situations that fall into two categories: SPEECHES AND PRESENTATIONS and EVERYDAY SPEAKING SITUATIONS.

A word from Barbara…

Coaching is transformational. If you want to be a more highly valued leader and are willing to work at it, you can achieve dramatic changes over time.

In my work coaching executives, I focus on enhancing communications style and interpersonal behavior. The goal is twofold:

  • To help you see yourself as others see you
  • To guide you in changing specific behaviors to increase your effectiveness as a communicator

Through our work together, you learn how to relate well to audiences and get your message across --- whether you’re talking with one employee across a desk, three clients around a conference table, or three hundred executives in an auditorium.

Your sessions are one-on-one -- never in groups. As a result, your time is spent working on only those issues where you have a need. In a private setting, you receive candid feedback on how you come across to other people, and together we work toward agreed-upon goals. You get practical suggestions on how to enhance your style and delivery, and through the use of videotape, you see for yourself the effect of those suggestions.


As you progress to higher levels of responsibility within your organization, specific feedback on your performance becomes more difficult to obtain.  As an objective communications professional, I offer you a perspective that others in your organization can’t or won’t provide.  You have the opportunity to explore concerns openly in a confidential environment and to receive straightforward, constructive feedback.

The ability to communicate effectively is a critical business skill.  If you’re not getting consistently positive results when presenting to clients or meeting with your team at work, I invite you to call and discuss your specific challenges.  Through the coaching process, I’ve helped hundreds of executives across the country develop the ability to communicate with presence, confidence, sensitivity, and comfort.